If you like adrenaline, this is the sport for you. If you like having money, it is not.

I've been jumping out of planes since 26th July 2003, and it's the best sport I know. The picture on the right is me landing (bang on the cross!) at a demo in Oxfordshire.

Below are some videos of my jumps (I'm wearing the green):
Skydiving-related software I have written:
  • DrawGen - Skydive generator for desktop computers.
  • FsTest - Formation testing program (MS Windows)
  • DiveGen - Random 4-way & 8-way formation skydive generator - java midlet for mobile phones.

Skydiving links:
  • British Parachute Association - The sport's governing body in the UK.
  • Twinwoods Adventure - A vertical wind tunnel (and other fun stuff!) in Bedford - great for skydiving without the 'jumping out of the plane' bit.
  • Airkix - Another vertical wind tunnel, this one in Milton Keynes.