My Software


DrawGen is a skydive generator for desktop computers. It is written in Java, so should work on Windows, Mac and Linux machines.


  • Generates skydives for 4-way, 8-way and VFS categories, all drawn from the FAI IPC dive pools (which are used by most countries' skydiving authorities).
  • Automatic generation of all categories by substitution. Generates a AAA draw, then removes inappropriate formations, (and adds new to create correct points requirement), to derive AA, A and Rookie dives (similarly for 8-way). Allows teams from lower categories to compare themselves against those above them.
  • Manual mode - you can type in your skydive, and it will generate the pictures for you.
  • Printing support (including print preview)!


FSTest is an application to test your knowledge of skydiving formations. I wrote it to teach myself which letters go with which formations.

It is written in C and uses the pure win32 api, so it should work with any version of windows.

The application is a stand-alone executable - it doesn't need installation.

Download, unzip and run!


DiveGen is a 4-way and 8-way formation skydive generator for J2ME mobile phones (not Android or iPhone - sorry!). I wrote it (before Android or iPhones existed) when I first formed a 4-way team; we'd turn up to the dropzone without any clue what to do, and inventing dives ourselves wasn't random enough.

The application creates skydives from the FAI IPC dive pools (Rookie, 'A', 'AA' or 'AAA' classes for 4-way; Senior and Intermediate for 8-way) and gives the name and (optionally) a picture of each formation chosen. It has 3 modes of operation:

  • Competition - Simulates a competition-type draw. A set of formations are drawn for a dive and left out of the 'pot', so they can't be drawn again.
  • Continuous - Draws a set of formations for a dive and leaves them in the 'pot' so they can be drawn again.
  • Formation display - Given a selected class (e.g. 'AA') this mode displays all the formations that are relevant to the class.

Timesheet Calculator

I wrote the timesheet calculator to help speed up the filling in of company timesheets. It allows input in several formats - hhmm, hh:mm or a decimal notation, and doesn't requre minutes to be entered. It shows the amount of time you've spent at your desk during a day, any overtime worked, and sums for the week. It also outputs the duration in several different formats.